“I am the sound of the rain on the roof.”

I love Billy Collins. But I love Billy Collins best here where the sound and shape of the words are the delight of a three-year old.  Litany by Billy Collins

I have been thinking about what stops us from experiencing delight. What stops you?

It is through our awareness of our sensations, images, feelings and thoughts that we can appreciate what the world has to offer. And it is through our breath that we can be most easily become aware of what we are experiencing. I find that when I stop breathing, my awareness of my experience is not available to me. Then I am shut out of the bounty of information that my body and my experience in the world has to help me navigate the world. Dr. Dan Siegel says we should SIFT through our experience. By paying attention to our sensations, images, feelings and thoughts, we can SIFT the mind and open our perception to what is. When we do this, we can open ourselves to the experience of delight.

If I am the moon in the trees, who are you?