Here’s What Colleagues Say About My Work

Randy’s gentle and encouraging nature will allow you to unfold into the you you not only hope to be but also the authentic you you were meant to be. She will coach and confront, nurture and nudge, and meet you where you are with open mind and heart guiding you with the utmost professionalism down the path of self discovery to wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.
— Claudette Nia, M.Ed., Colleague

I worked with Randy on a dual diagnosis unit at Eagleville Hospital, treating individuals struggling with addiction and mental illness.  Randy is passionate and empathic.  Patients felt safe with Randy and trusted in her expertise and guidance.  She believes that clients are empowered to improve their lives and her therapy is a collaborative effort to do so.  I am confident that clients have the potential for significant gain in their lives, both personally and professionally.
— Jessica D. Getson, LPC, Colleague

I am delighted to share my thoughts and feelings about Randy Baird. I have known Randy for over 12 years, initially as a colleague in a community mental health setting.  Randy is warm, smart, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, thoughtful, creative and resourceful – a genuinely kind, decent person and a very skilled therapist. —
— Anonymous colleague

Randy’s caring for and dedication to her clients is most impressive.  Clients in Randy’s care find a therapist who attends to their emotional well-being as well as their healing.  As a clinician, I will refer clients to Randy with full confidence that they will be in good hands.
— Barbara H. Kase, LCSW, Colleague

Randy has been an integral part of my own personal and professional development. She is incredibly warm, generous, brilliant and has taught me invaluable lessons about how to create safety in relationships in my work and in my life. She has supported me while I have started to realize some of my own potential and has shown me avenues to explore new learning. I feel so lucky to have her in my life and wholeheartedly recommend her as a therapist.
— Lisa Pozzi, MA, LPC, Colleague

Due to the fact that I protect confidentiality and good ethical conduct, I have not chosen to ask my clients for a recommendation.