In the past two decades, I have worked in multiple settings with diverse populations as a clinical leader.The question that I have been interested in is this: What makes people change? What are the factors which promote change? I have found nothing as effective as gestalt theory and EMDR.

Is has been through exploring this question that I have pursued training in various treatment modalities such as gestalt therapy, EMDR, somatic techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal neurobiology and other trauma treatment techniques, mindfulness and coaching, etc.

As a therapist, the safety and relationship that gestalt therapy promotes is my philosophical home. I continue to study this as well and to find ways to weave my interests for the benefit of my clients.

I am licensed in Pennsylvania as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and am a Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work. I hold certificates in Gestalt Therapy from the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia, The Gestalt International Study Center, Coaching and Interpersonal Neurobiology. I am trained in EMDR.


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